Medium: Letters, postcards
Materials: Cardboard, tape, stamps (glue&paper), plastic, acrylics

Notes from a personal notebook:
First I take a picture of myself. Then I transfer the picture of myself to my computer. I split it exactly from the middle, then I mirror it. I adjust the two pieces together. I bring an old printer home, with some plastic, transparent sheets. I print the picture of myself to one of them. I colour the sheet carefully and I add a hole in the middle so that I can breath. I adjust the mask on me, so it fits my face perfectly. Then again, I take a picture of myself. I transfer the picture to my computer, again. I open it and then, I adjust its symmetry. I work on the colors so that they please my eyes. I send the picture to a company where they do postcards. I order the postcard, with my picture on the cover to myself. When I finally have it, I fill those gaps, just the way I want, just the way it's suppose to look like. I take the card with me and walk to the nearest post box, which is further away than I thought. I drop it in. I wait, that the card comes back to me. When it finally comes, I take a picture of it, then I publish it.

Example of one postcard (front cover)
Picture from the front and back of a postcard