''she suddenly found herself in a landscape of icy welcomes. surrounded by a dull darkness blurring her sight. full of ideas for places with light to see her creations. little utopias from her books and beliefs. while she was wandering around streets made for cars not for people. searching the warmth of the human inventions, accompanying hers. the flickers of their light, the heat of their radiation, the colours nature cannot produce.'' -Valesca Noemi
Fictional Paths is a short movie shot during the harsh winter of Finland in 2020. It brings up the wonders of an uncertain future of the yet unconstructed landscape.
Written, directed, filmed, edited by Jaakko Heikinheimo
Protagonist by Lea Wittich
Voice over by Valesca Noemi
Based on the short story, Fictional Paths by Valesca Noemi
Concept by Benetta Locatelli and Kristof Van Der Fluit
Music licensed by Isabella Steward Gardner Museum, Boston
In Participation with Aalto University and The Royal College of Art, London