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Flowers have been an ubiquitous gift to celebrate an anniversary, a reminder of the subsequent loop of the life circle and the ender of the previous one.
Sacrificing blooms of many sorts is a actively ancient tradition in many cultures and religions.
As the rite of detaching the plant from its roots and directing it to the celebrated person, the flowers quickly start to remind of their own life circle by decaying, fading away and eventually dying.
This controversial crossover of the death and life is a reminder that ageing is a omnipresent phenomenon of our own mortality and one for nearly any living species.
In the series of “The timeless celebrations of the birth”, embracing the completion of the life circle is being disregarded and eluded by an embalming.
After few weeks of regular watering, containing the highest possible percentage of salinity, the plants start to go through a different kind of metamorphosis.
Eventually, the decaying of the plant is then intercepted by a new crystalised blossoming.

Suopursu I. 2022. Part of The timelessness celebrations of the birth series. 2020-present.
Jaakko Heikinheimo
Flower: Rhododendron tomentosum (Fin: Suopursu ; Eng: Wild Rosemary), found from Nuuksio, Finland, sea salt (Denmark). Plate: stainless sleel, molybdenum.
Tablecloth: cotton.
Table: wood (chipboard)
Table: 170x380x95mm
Platter: 145x35x15mm
Flower: 250x95x40mm