Paris, 2021
Write me a love letter, send me anything reflects on complex topics such as love, anonymity, individualism, dating & geosocial networking cultures, hope, anti-automatisation, postal services, giving & getting, tactility, smell, tracking, space & time, vernacularity, uncertainty, timelessness, eternity, order and delivery platforms, dreaming, excitement, risk-taking, communication, globalisation, logistics, environmental aesthetics, loneliness, togetherness and cure as curating.
Undefined mediums. 2021-
The 2021 project is a continuation of an earlier project from 2017 titled “Letters to Myself” in which I was sending letters and postcards from myself to myself. There are currently nearly 700 flyers up in total with various text written on them, as a message for the possibility to correspond with someone anonymous. Those flyers are mainly in Europe but also in the US, more or less in urban spaces but for instance in small islands the size of a room (finish: luoto). Part of the notes are well hidden, for instance in abandoned factories, like the one in Virkkala Finland or one hangar that I crossed on my way in the periphery of Warsaw. One could then argue that the project is not related strictly to contemporary time, the Now. There is a chance that some drifter will still send a letter to that address way later, decades from now, as long as the notes are there and the postal services are running.
In addition to the tactility, smell and materiality that the packages and letters provide, the communicational approach also provides the possibility to surrender to a certain slowness, in the middle of the hectic or pseudo-hectic everyday life. Correspondence via post obviously differs from the one of emails and social media, in which the complex sociographical net curated by algorithms provides the definition of care for their users. Sending letters is direct and linear, not manipulated by an incalculable amount of factors.
This project might deepen one's understanding of complex topics such as love, anonymity, individualism, dating and geosocial networking cultures, tourism, hope, anti-automatisation, postal services, giving and getting, tactility, smell, uncertainty, timelessness, communication, globalisation, misdeliveries and cure as curating.
An example of a note. 2021, 2023
Notes been attached to: Paris, New York, Virkkala, Berlin, Los Angeles, Stockholm, St. Petersbourg, Tallinn, Geneve, Genova, Savona, Milano, Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, Parma, Weimar, Riga, Berlin, Jaun, Helsinki, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Mallorca and Reykjavik.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Received letters & packages from: London, Paris, Mallorca, Geneve, Geneva, Savona, Ajaccio, Milano, Weimar, Riga, Vilnus, Helsinki, St. Petersbourg, Fukui
EXAMPLES OF THE Received letters 2021-2023